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Here are links to a few plugins I've made. Documention and my email address can be found in the zip file.

Join all Houses

v1.3 - Join All

Allows you to join all 3 houses and earn all 3 strongholds.

Legends of Valour - Remake/Mod

v0.1.2 - (1.7mb)= .esp, .txt, textures, icons and meshes

Eventualy I would like to see the entire city created exactly like the game. Including interiors, vendor walls and eventualy quests. Any help from other rabid Legends of Valour fans would be much appreciated. Please read included documentation
(Screenshots: LOV1.jpg LOV2.jpg LOV3.jpg)

50% - Large City Wall border
20% - Exteriors
_3% - Interiors
70% - Textures Extracted
20% - New Objects
_0% - New Object Meshes
_0% - New Object Textures
_0% - NPCs\Monsters\Quest\Dialog\Shops\Linking

Moveable Containers Plugin - BETA


Buy from Verick Gemain Jr. in the Caldera Trader shop.
Drop object on ground, chest will be located directly under you, facing behind you.
Do NOT pick up container while it contains items.
Do NOT save while using this beta plugin.

Book Rotate System - BETA

v0.5 -

Allows you to place books upright, such as on a shelf
Read included text file.
Do NOT save while using this BETA version.

Armor Mannequin

v1.2 - Armor Mannequin

by Chris Janosi [mr. phantastik] with changes by Heph
Adds useable Armor Mannequins for sale at the Caldera armor shop.
(Screenshots: ScreenShot_0.jpg)

These are misc plugins: (Right click and "Save file as")
TimeSaver - Give Creeper 500K.esp
TimeSaver - Add Magic Chests to [Caldera, Nedhelas House].esp
New Container - magic_chest_of_holding.esp

Dwemer Sky Glider - by Mykul ( - Here: